Hi. I'm Albert!

By training, I am a software developer. You're probably asking: "Great, but what makes you different?" I've also worked with UI/UX design, web development, and even digital art. I also am skilled in scientific writing, having authored and edited technical and medical papers. In my personal time, I even handle video editing and content streaming.

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Software Design as a Philosophy

What can I can bring to you?

Can you repeat that?

We are trying to make a tree swing! If the product sounds different to everyone, the final product suffers.I am a good communicator and strive to help everyone get on the same page.

Are we there yet?

Software should be well-written and well-documented. Accountability begins with the first # and ends with the last bracket. The end result is Software v1.0 that serves as a foundation and not a ceiling!

Go for its weak point!

Vulnerabilities are found in software daily. We should strive to catch vulnerabilites in development and operate and stress-test our own software to its fullest capabilities, in order to satisfactorily protect users.

For your viewing, a select portfolio of my past work.
Blink Cloud

Blink Cloud

Developed an innovative encryption application that focuses on security by hiding information in a literal haystack. Or several billion of them.

OpenClinica Workshop

I facilitated a developer discussion focusing on the evolution of OpenClinica, including front-end optimization and UI/UX improvement

OpenClinica Excel Audit Log

Development for a vital user experience feature in open-source EDC. Built in Java EE, with integration of JSP and JExcel API.

Information Assurance

A research paper documenting the security issues that medical and pharmaceutical organizations will face in the coming years as information technology expands.

Ferrari FXX Vectored

A sports car drawn using vectors in Adobe Flash. Multiple gradients are combined to capture the brilliance of the original photograph. See the trace diagram.

Compass Productions

My personal YouTube channel. Content is largely unrelated to software development, but I do have some background in video processing.